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Wkse sell to Netherlands
Wkse sell to Netherlands

Wkse Series Two Screw Pump

The Wkse series two-screw pump tackles tough liquids with muscle and finesse. Imagine two intermeshing screws, like robust gears, gently guiding thick oils, slurries, or even delicate syrups. They self-prime, conquer clogs, and whisper-quietly handle high pressures. Think of it as a versatile champion, built to last, for when regular pumps just don’t cut it. From food to fuel, it’s a reliable partner for smooth, efficient flow.

Wkse Series Two Screw Pump Description

  1. Fast and convenient cleaning.
  2. It can transport liquid smoothly and without shear.
  3. It has a strong self-priming ability and can be mixed with steam and liquid.
  4. No contact between working components can entrainment a certain amount of small valve Lika kaolin, etc.).
  5. Allow short dry run (≦2min).
  6. Medium viscosity up to 100000mm2/So
    Change the speed to adjust the flow rate and keep the output pressure stable.
  7. With synchronous gear, bearing external.
  8. All kinds of driving methods can be used.
  9. Different import and export connection modes (flange or arc thread connection) can be selected.
  10. Easy disassembly, simple maintenance.
  11. High energy efficiency.

Wkse Series Two Screw Pump Technical

Flow rate Speed Viscosity Working pressure Operating temperature Suction height Shell pressure
≦450m3/h ≦1450rpm 100000mm2/s ≦2.0MPa ≦120°C①  ≦8.5m WC 2.4MPa
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Wkse Series Two Screw Pump Applications

  1. Food and beverage industry: Widely used for transferring oils, syrups, juices, dough, and even creamy desserts.
  2. Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: Suitable for handling various chemicals, solvents, and pharmaceuticals.
  3. Oil and gas industry: Transferring heavy oils, bitumen, and drilling fluids.
  4. Paint industry: ink, all kinds of paint, paint, paint and so on.
  5. Pharmaceutical industry: various preparations, glucose solution, and various injection.
  6. Wastewater treatment: Tackling sludge and wastewater with ease.

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