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SN Series Three Screw Pump-
SN series
SNS series-vertical pedestal mounted pump
SN Series Three Screw Pump-
SN series
SNS series-vertical pedestal mounted pump

SN Series Three Screw Pump

Due to the universality and serialization of the parts, SN N series three screw pumps are a variety of structures such as foot type, scaffolding type and immersion type, which can be used for horizontal, flange type and wall installation. It has strong self-priming performance, its operation suction performance is excellent. Besides, the heating or cooling structure can also be provided according to the needs of the conveying medium

SN Series Three Screw Pump Description

  1. Triple Screw Power: Unlike single or two-screw pumps, the SN series boasts three intermeshing screws. This design multiplies the pumping force exponentially, making it ideal for ultra-high pressures and handling the thickest, most viscous liquids. Think heavy sludge, drilling fluids, and highly concentrated slurries.
  2. Gentle Giants: Don’t underestimate their strength. The three-screw design also minimizes shear stress on sensitive liquids. Imagine smoothly transferring food pastes, paints, or even shear-thinning gels without compromising their properties.
  3. Self-Priming Prowess: No pre-filling needed! These self-priming pumps can evacuate air from the inlet pipe, starting up quickly and efficiently even in situations where pre-filling might be inconvenient.
  4. Clog-Resistant Design: With minimal internal components and optimized flow channels, the risk of blockages is near nonexistent. Say goodbye to downtime and clogged-up headaches!
  5. Durable and Reliable: Robust materials like cast iron and stainless steel ensure these pumps handle demanding tasks with ease. The simple design also translates to easy maintenance, keeping them running smoothly for extended periods.
  6. Versatility Beyond Viscosity: While excelling at handling ultra-viscous liquids, the SN series surprises with its adaptability. They can handle a wide range of viscosities, temperatures, and liquids, making them suitable for diverse applications.

SN Series Three Screw Pump Technical

Type Main Feature Max capacity (l/min) Size Max delivery pressure
SN  Low pressure, single entry, spindles with hydraulic balance of axial thrust. 5300 40-5300 4
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SN Series Three Screw Pump Applications

  1. Oil and gas: Transferring heavy oils, bitumen, and drilling fluids.
  2. Chemical: Pumping abrasive slurries, viscous resins, and high-density chemicals.
    Construction: Handling concrete, grout, and other building materials.
  3. Power generation: Transferring heavy lubricants and coolants.
    Wastewater treatment: Tackling thick sludge and wastewater with ease.

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