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SM Series Three Screw Pump- (2)
SM Series Three Screw Pump--
SM Series Three Screw Pump-.
SM Series Three Screw Pump- (2)
SM Series Three Screw Pump--
SM Series Three Screw Pump-.

SM Series Three Screw Pump

SM series three screw pump offers a well-balanced combination of pressure handling, self-priming capability, flexibility, and reliability, making it a suitable choice for various liquid transfer applications across diverse industries.

SM Series Three Screw Pump Description

  1. High efficiency.
  2. Leak-Proof Design: Utilizes reliable shaft seals to prevent fluid leakage.
  3. Stable output, no pulsation.
    It has a strong self-priming ability.
  4. Rotor hydraulic balance, low vibration, low noise.
  5. The parts are designed in a series with strong versatility and have a variety of installation methods.
  6. Compact structure, small volume, light weight, can work at higher speed, higher pressure.

SM Series Three Screw Pump Technical

Type Main Feature Max capacity (l/min) Size Max delivery pressure(MPa)
SM  Middle pressure, single entry, spindles with hydraulic balance of axial thrust. 2200 40-2200 10
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SM Series Three Screw Pump Applications

  1. It is used as fuel oil, fuel supply and transfer pump in heating equipment.
  2. In the mechanical industry used as hydraulic, lubricating and remote control motor pump.
    It is used as a loading, conveying and liquid supply pump in the chemical, petrochemical and food industries.
  3. It is used on ships for conveying, pressurizing, fuel injection and lubricating pump and Marine fluid.

Transportable medium:

Lubricating liquids: such as machine oil, lubricating oil, heavy oil, residue oil.

  1. Low lubricity liquid: such as light diesel oil, heavy diesel oil, waxy thin oil.
  2. Viscous liquid: such as a variety of synthetic rubber liquid and artificial rubber liquid, emulsion.
  3. Heating or cooling structures can also be provided according to the needs of the conveying medium.

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