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RCB Series Insulation Gear Pump With Inner Empty Layer

The RCB series insulation gear pump is a specialized pump designed for handling highly viscous and solidifiable liquids at normal temperatures. Its heat preservation capabilities, high viscosity handling, and robust construction ensure efficient and reliable operation even in demanding conditions.

RCB Series Insulation Gear Pump With Inner Empty Layer Description

  1. Heat Preservation: The pump body is surrounded by an insulating jacket, typically made of stainless steel or cast iron, which helps maintain the temperature of the pumped liquid and prevents solidification. This is crucial for fluids like asphalt, heavy fuel oil, and resins.
  2. Optional heating options: Some models offer additional heating elements like steam jackets or electrical heating coils to further elevate the temperature of the pumped liquid if needed.
  3. High Viscosity Handling:The pump utilizes herringbone gears, which have a V-shaped tooth profile. This design distributes the load more evenly across the gears, allowing them to handle highly viscous liquids efficiently and with minimal wear and tear.
  4. Wide viscosity range: RCB pumps can handle liquids with viscosities ranging from 5 cSt to 1500 cSt.
  5. Temperature range: The medium temperature can reach 250°C
  6. Self-priming capability: Most models are self-priming, meaning they can evacuate air from the inlet pipe and start up easily.
  7. Durable construction: Built with robust materials like cast iron or stainless steel for long service life in harsh environments.
  8. Leak-proof design: Minimizes the risk of fluid leakage through the use of reliable shaft seals and packing.
  9. Multiple mounting options: Available with various flange and foot mounting options for easy installation.
  10. Compact design: Takes up minimal space compared to other pumps with similar capabilities.

RCB Series Insulation Gear Pump With Inner Empty Layer Technical

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RCB Series Insulation Gear Pump With Inner Empty Layer Applications

  1. Can be used in asphalt plants and paving applications to maintain the asphalt’s fluidity for pumping and laying.
  2. Can be suitable for transferring heavy fuel oil in power plants and industrial facilities
    can be used in chemical and coating industries for pumping viscous resins and glues
  3. Can handle various other liquids with similar properties, such as bitumen, molasses, and heavy paints

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