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G series-appearence
finished product of g series
single screw pump
internal structure of single screw
G series-appearence
finished product of g series
single screw pump
internal structure of single screw

G Series Single Screw Pump

The single screw pump, not flashy but a workhorse, moves thick or thin, delicate or gritty. No churning, no clogs, just smooth flow. Self-priming, low-maintenance, it tackles tough jobs quietly. From food to sludge, it conquers diverse applications, a reliable liquid transfer champion.

G Series Single Screw Pump Description

  1. The two ends of the coupling are made of one-pin universal joint, the pin and pin sleeve are made of special materials, long life, simple structure, easy to disassemble and maintain.
  2. Both ends of the bushing are covered with rubber to seal reliably with the inlet and outlet pipe connection, thus ensuring that the bushing body is not corroded.
  3. There is a replaceable packing box between the suction tube and the bearing body, which can be used for packing seal and mechanical seal (different forms of seal replacement can be carried out).
  4. The connection of GS series suction pipe and extrusion pipe is the thread connection of standard DIN1187-A, which can quickly remove the pipe and hose on both sides of suction and extrusion.

G Series Single Screw Pump Technical

Technical Characteristics
Maximum pressure of pump casing 1.6MPa
Maximum delivery pressure :
Single stage
Two stages
Note also the permitted pressure for the shaft seal.
Suction obtainable 0.085MPa Depending on operating conditions, number of stags direction of rotation and type of shaft seal.
Maximum permitted temperature for liquid pumped 150°C Depending on the liquid being pumped and the elastomers used.
Maximum permissible viscosity 270000cSt Depending on the liquid being pumped and pump size and speed of the pump.
Maximum permissible solid content 60% by volume Depending on pump size and nature and size of solids.
list of internal structure view
No. Name No. Name
1 Drive shaft 7  Coupling rod
2 Baring cover 8  Suction casing
3 Radial bearing 9 Universal coupling
4 Bearing housing 10 Rotor
5 Axial bearing 11 Stator
6 Seal 12 Discharge casing
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G Series Single Screw Pump Applications

  1. Food and beverage industry: Widely used for transferring oils, syrups, juices, and other food products.
  2. Chemical and pharmaceutical industry: Suitable for handling various chemicals, solvents, and pharmaceuticals.
  3. Oil and gas industry: Can be used for metering and transferring oil, lubricants, and other petroleum products.
  4. Textile industry: Used for transferring dyes, inks, and other textile processing liquids.
  5. General industrial applications: Applicable for diverse industrial tasks involving liquid transfer and metering, such as water treatment, printing, and power generation.


  1. The structure is simple, do not need special tools to quickly remove.
  2. Small mechanical vibration, no pulsation, smooth movement.
  3. Good self-priming performance and good aspiration.
  4. Low noise.
  5. Reverse conveying.
  6. Liquid containing fiber and solid particles can be transported.
  7. Transport very viscous, water-containing all media.
  8. Medium containing gas can also be transported under negative pressure.

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