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3G Series Three Screw Pump
3G Series Three Screw Pump.
3G Series Three Screw Pump
3G Series Three Screw Pump.

3G Series Three Screw Pump

3G series three screw pump includes 3G general type, 3GC Marine type and other 3G special type.
It offers a robust combination of power, gentle handling, versatility, and durability. Its self-priming capability and compact design make it a convenient and reliable solution for diverse liquid transfer and hydraulic applications across various industries.

3G Series Three Screw Pump Description

  1. Triple Threat Power: This pump utilizes three intermeshing screws, generating significant pumping force for handling thicker liquids like lubricants, hydraulic oils, and control oils. Think of it as a force multiplier compared to single-screw pumps.
  2. Gentle Giants: Despite their power, the screws move liquids smoothly, minimizing shear stress and protecting sensitive fluids like food products and chemicals. Their design avoids churning and agitation, preserving product integrity.
  3. Self-Priming Ease: No pre-filling needed! These pumps can evacuate air from the inlet pipe, enabling quick startup and convenient operation even in scenarios where pre-filling might be difficult.
  4. Low-Maintenance Workhorses: Simple design with minimal internal components translates to less wear and tear and easier cleaning. Robust materials like cast iron or steel ensure long-lasting performance and minimal downtime.
  5. Pressure Masters: The 3G series pumps deliver dependable pressure output, making them ideal for applications requiring consistent and controlled flow, like lubrication systems and hydraulic applications.
  6. Viscosity Versatility: While adept at handling thicker liquids, they can also manage moderate viscosities like water-based fluids or thin slurries. This expands their application range, making them more versatile.

3G Series Three Screw Pump Technical

Series Figure Construction form Main application Specifications
Capacity (m3h) Max pressure (bar)
For Lub. oil 3G
Single suction horizontal installation Lub. oil or Lub. liquid
Viscosity 20~150cSt
0.3-94 60
Double suction horizontal installation 80-590 16
3GCG Single suction hanging installation 10-96 8
3GCL Single suction Vertical pedestal 4-96 8
3GCLS Double suction Vertical pedestal 88-306 8
For fuel oil 3GR
Single suction horizontal installation Light oil or Heavy oil Viscosity 3 〜365cSt 0.3-94 60①
Double suction horizontal installation 80-590 16
 For High Vise. Fuel oil 3GN Single suction horizontal installation High Vise, fuel oil
Viscosity 365~760cSt
1.0-40 25
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3G Series Three Screw Pump Applications

  1. Food and beverage industry: Widely used for transferring oils, syrups, juices, and other food products.
  2. Lubrication systems: Circulating oils in machinery for smooth operation.
  3. Hydraulic systems: Providing power for hydraulic actuators and equipment.
  4. Fuel transfer: Handling gasoline, diesel, and other fuels in automotive and industrial settings.
  5. General liquid transfer: Transferring oils, solvents, mild chemicals, and even some types of slurries.

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